Baby Gaga: How Does The Idiot Bond With His New Granddaughter In Los Angeles?

The Idiot’s first grandchild, born September 21, asked him to take her to an audition in Hollywood, a vintage clothing store on York Avenue, a taco truck near Occidental College and a popular donut shop in Highland Park on their first day together in Los Angeles.

They planned the outing after meeting for coffee at Baby Gaga’s parents early in the morning.

Baby Gaga and her Idiot-ic grandfather, aka Grandpa Idiot Dude, have their first staring contest.

Grandpa Idiot Dude burps Baby Gaga for the first time.

The Idiot, The Idiot’s son and Baby Gaga compare their family hair.

The Idiot and Baby Gaga discuss their genetic cowlicks.

The Idiot grandbabysits Baby Gaga while his actor son reviews a script.

Naturally The Idiot isn’t raising and coping with Baby Gaga all by himself on a sunny November day in LA.

Baby Gaga with her mother.

Baby Gaga with her father.
(Photo: Luke Stratte-McClure)

Baby Gaga being comforted by her seasoned baby whisperer.

Baby Gaga strolling in the Los Angeles hood of Highland Park with her mother and The Idiot.

Baby Gaga calls it a day.

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  1. Marleen Hoffman-Stone

    Congratulations–she is precious!!

  2. Ryan Lochte

    Congratulations! Cuteness quotient extremely high, thanks to the mother’s line!

    • Joel

      Ah, don’t be jealous.

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