How Does The Idiot Discover That California Flooding Doesn’t End When The Rain Stops And The Sun Comes Out?

The Idiot completed training for his March MedTrek in Egypt when the sun returned to northern California in late February. But the bulging Sacramento River continued flooding and he was regularly thwarted by an impressive amount of water.

The Idiot and his older sister soak up rays while hiking on the Sacramento River Trail but…

…the overflowing and flooding Sacramento River often stymied their walk.

Here’s what the Sacramento River Trail looked like this week:

A stroll on the Sacramento River Trail near Redding, CA, is routinely interrupted by flooded trails.

Despite good weather, there’s frequently more river than trail during a walk on the Sacramento River near Redding, CA.

An overview of a portion of the flooded Sacramento River Trail in Redding, CA.

The 418-foot ribbon foot bridge on the Sacramento River Trail is just above the rising river.

The Idiot on the pedestrian ribbon bridge just below Keswick Dam on the Sacramento River.
(Photo: Lesle Curfman)

The rising water level was even more dramatic further downstream.

Picnic tables, garbage cans and sculptures are submerged in the riverside Caldwell Park in Redding, CA.

Two bronze figures in the “Balancing Act” sculpture on a bench in Caldwell Park in Redding, CA, are only just above water.

The flooded first fairway at the Riverview Golf and Country Club isn’t playable or walkable.

One well-known site on the trail, however, remains high and dry.

The Peace Labyrinth on the Sacramento River Trail is still accessible for a meditative walk.

The water will gradually subside but at the moment Shasta Lake is still full and excess water is still being released from Shasta Dam.

Shasta Dam seen from the FB Trail which descends towards Redding, CA, on the east side of the Sacramento River.

Time for The Idiot to fly to Cairo and resume his walk around the Mediterranean Sea.

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