How Does The Idiot Take A Walk On The Wild Side In LA?

The Idiot found it easy to take a walk on the wild side in Los Angeles when he hung in the semi-urban, quasi-rural Highland Park hood and strolled through Occidental College.

Here’s what quasi rural means:

Quasi rural = Climbing a tree on the campus of Occidental College.
(Photo: Liz Chapin)

Quasi rural = Stumbling upon a sculpture made in Rome entitled “Armoured Figure III.”

Quasi rural = Spotting sweatshirts promoting Califia, the pagan queen who ruled over the rural island kingdom of California in the novel Las Sergas de Esplandian.

Quasi rural = Pigging out on freshly barbecued food.

Here’s what semi urban means:

Semi urban = Hanging out at Eagle Rock High School.
(Photo: Liz Chapin)

Semi urban = Strolling on Highland Park sidewalks.
(Photo: Liz Chapin)

Semi urban = Planning to attend a lecture with Liz Chapin on the Occidental College campus entitled Living Mythologies: Sharing The Dreams Of Queer, Trans & Intersex People Of Color Through Ritual & Storytelling on Saturday night (Feb. 11).

Next Week: Leaving the wild side of Los Angeles for the Palm Springs desert to get in shape for the March MedTrek in Egypt.

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