What, Besides His Armed Escort, Did The Idiot See On The Mediterranean Sea In Egypt?

The Idiot has left the Mediterranean Sea for a few days to consult with The Oracle of Amun, who proclaimed Alexander the Great to be a god in 332 BC, at the Siwa Oasis in the Sahara Desert.

Here are a sample of the things he encountered during his recent seven-day, 190-kilometer MedTrek from Sidi Abdel Rahman to Mersa Matruh, Egypt.

Empty beaches with fine sand are the norm during winter in Egypt.

Palm trees and umbrellas sometimes decorate the otherwise empty winter beaches on the Mediterranean coast in Egypt.

Shuttered homes and empty residential compounds and resorts are a frequent blemish on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast.
(Photo: Michael Knipe)

There are NO people in this, or any other, summer-only residential compound on Egypt’s Mediterranean seaside.
(Photo: Michael Knipe)

The many derelict and unfinished buildings on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast irritate The Idiot.
(Photo: Michael Knipe)

An untypically lavish home near the Mediterranean Sea in El Dabaa, Egypt. Its view of the sea has recently been obstructed by 16-kilometer wall “protecting” a nuclear plant being built by a Russian company.

A Bedouin shepherd leaves his flock of sheep and goats to quietly sit on a rock overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

A rocky patch of Egypt’s Mediterranean coast on the Ras El Hekma peninsula.

The most social moments of The Idiot’s MedTrekking day are when he tells his armed escort how close to the Mediterranean Sea he plans to walk.

Two armed Egyptian policeman accompanying The Idiot on a rough sea day during the MedTrek into Mersa Matruh.

A toilet in a military outpost on the MedTrek to Mersa Matruh.

What, me worry?

Next week: The Idiot at the Siwa Oasis with the Oracle of Amun and Alexander the Great.

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