What Does The Idiot See During An Urban Walkabout In California’s State Capital?

The Oracle of Amun in Siwa, Egypt, told The Idiot a thing or two about climate change that he was to personally pass on to California’s governor in Sacramento.

Prior to his meeting at the California State Capitol, The Idiot took a sunrise trek to tour the city’s historic district, stroll on the trail along the Sacramento River, evaluate urban art and pay his respects at a memorial park.

Walking through Old Sacramento’s historic district at sunrise.

The Idiot and the Pony Express Statue in the Old Sacramento State Historic Park.

Admiring the Sacramento River at sunrise.

Although weathered, The Idiot appreciates explanatory signage on the Great California Delta Trail and the Sacramento River Parkway.

A capsized boat reminds The Idiot that the Sacramento is a fast -flowing, potentially dangerous river.

An office building with a view of, and a reflection on, the Sacramento River.

Almost everything The Idiot wants to know about Sacramento is portrayed in an historical timeline in a tunnel leading from the historic district to the “new” downtown.

The Idiot enjoyed Sacramento’s eclectic array of urban street art while en route to his appointment to discuss climate change at the California State Capitol.

Street art pops up everywhere during a peaceful morning stroll through Sacramento, CA.

Street art pops up everywhere during a tranquil morning stroll through Sacramento, CA.

Street art pops up everywhere during a meditative morning stroll through Sacramento, CA.

Street art pops up everywhere during a calm morning stroll through Sacramento, CA.

Street art pops up everywhere during a serene morning stroll through Sacramento, CA.

The Idiot also walked through the California State Capitol Park where he smelled the roses, paid his respects to one of his younger brothers, and took a selfie before discussing climate change inside the California State Capitol.

Smelling the roses in the International World Peace Rose Gardens in the relaxing California State Capitol Park.

Pensively walking through the California Firefighters Memorial in Sacramento’s State Capitol Park.

Finding his brother Lars’ name on the limestone memorial wall at the California Firefighters Memorial in Sacramento.
Lars was killed in 2001 when his air tanker crashed while fighting a wildland fire started at a methamphetamine lab south of Ukiah, CA.

The Idiot’s brother Lars B. Stratte and pilot Larry Groff were both killed fighting a fire near Ukiah, CA, in August 2001.

The Idiot took a selfie when he arrived at California’s State Capitol for a 7:30 a.m. meeting to discuss and assess global climate change at the behest of The Oracle of Amun in Siwa, Egypt.

That evening at sunset The Idiot described his urban walk and climatic discussions to Kathryn Hohlwein, creator of The Readers of Homer non-profit literary society which brings readings of The Idiot and The Odyssey to participating audiences throughout the world. During dinner on a boat on the Sacramento River, he also reunited with Kathryn’s son Reinhard, who climbed Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen with The Idiot, and met her daughter Laura, who explained the vision she had when visiting Siwa a few years ago.

The Idiot dines on a riverboat with Kathryn Hohlwein to discuss, among other things, Alexander the Great, Homer and the Temple of Amun at Siwa.
(Photo: Laura Hohlwein)

That night The Idiot, excited by his discussion concerning climate change at the California State Capitol and infatuated by mystical visions of The Oracle of Siwa, had vivid dreams.

One was that the governor would, as The Idiot suggested, convey The Oracle’s message  to the Chinese.

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