What Was The Idiot Up To Just Before His Final Meeting With The Oracle In Siwa, Egypt?

The Idiot continued to explore Egypt’s Siwa Oasis in the country’s remote Western Desert prior to his last consultation with the Oracle of Amun.

Before he entered the Temple of the Oracle to be given some final advice and a number of tasks concerning Alexander the Great, he took a tuk-tuk to check in with Cleopatra, found an old toilet, climbed a few mountains, floated in a salt lake, experienced Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and discovered a not-too attractive part of the Berber-populated, below-sea-level town that’s frequently called Bali in the Desert.

Boarding a tuk-tuk after an extensive price negotiation in Siwa’s main square.
(Photo: Monika Sleszynska)

Buying Cleopatra a mint tea after swimming in her freshwater spring.

Investigating, but not using, a toilet in Sahli, the old mud-brick section of Siwa.

Taking a break during a climb up a mountain west of Siwa, Egypt.
(Photo: Monika Sleszynska)

Discussing the view and getting a compass reading at the top of a mountain west of Siwa, Egypt.
(Photo: Monika Sleszynska)

Approaching the edge of a mountain top west of the Siwa Oasis.

Meditatively floating in a salt lake in Egypt’s Siwa Oasis.

Attempting to describe his feelings and thoughts following a time-traveling quantum hypnosis session in Siwa, Egypt.

Stumbling upon a not-too-attractive part of Siwa, Egypt.

Walking down Darkur Mountain to the Temple of the Oracle in Siwa, Egypt.

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