What Were The Idiot’s Favorite Blog Photos And Posts In 2017?

The Idiot posted 313 daily “Where Is The Idiot Today?” blog posts and 52 weekly “Follow The Idiot” blog articles in 2017. Here, quite randomly, are some of his favorite photos, comments or musings posted throughout the year:

January 1: The Idiot and team hiking on the North Kohala coast on Hawaii’s Big Island.

January 21: Marching for equality at the Women’s March in Redding, CA.

January 24: The Idiot made an offering to the Thai monk Piya Piyawajako after a meditation session.
(Photo: Teddy Chatbodin Photesri)

January 31: The Idiot jogging on Baker Beach in San Francisco.
(Photo: Liz Chapin)

February 21: An Idiot-ic selfie taken below Shasta Dam in Northern California during a rare break in the rain on February 18.

March 1: The Idiot’s mother Helen (left) and her pal Patricia, both 97, enjoy getting a long-stemmed carnation at the end of each romantic meal at Nello’s Ristorante in Redding, CA.

March 5: The Idiot was interviewed by ABC and NBC and stories about his TSA “groin scrutiny” encounter in Redding, CA, were carried by CBS, USA Today and many other media outlets.

March 18: The Idiot and one of the armed policemen that accompanied him during his walk on the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt.

March 27: The Idiot rolls down a sand dune in the Siwa Oasis in Egypt.
(Photo: Monika Sleszynska)

March 27: The Idiot relaxes on the seaside in downtown Saluum, Egypt, before walking to the Libya border.

April 5: The Idiot, who lived in Paris for over a decade, and his daughter Sonia, who was born here, visited familiar statues, streets, sights and sites throughout the French capital.
(Photo: Liz Chapin)

May 3: Tahnee and Amber help The Idiot recuperate after over exposure to the Egyptian sun and sand with a variety of skin treatments at the aptly named Renew spa in Redding, CA.

May 7: When The Idiot was taken to a hospital in Redding, CA, following a jeep-running-into-a-chain car accident that nearly decapitated him in July 1966, Dr. McGladrey removed his broken teeth and expertly stitched numerous facial lacerations.
Although in shock, The Idiot laughed when an ER orderly joked: “It’s pretty bad but you weren’t planning to be an actor anyway, were you?”

May 14: The Idiot’s 97-year-old mother says she plans to continue wearing her Mother’s Day tiara until Independence Day on July 4.
(Photo: Liz Chapin)

May 22: The Idiot studied shots of his son Luke playing the role of Pericles in Shakespeare’s “Pericles” before seeing the play two times.

May 30: The Idiot and Kathryn Holwein, who founded The Readers of Homer to bring “The Idiot” and “The Odyssey” to participating audiences throughout the world, discuss the influence of Homer’s work on Alexander the Great during and after dinner on the Sacramento River in Sacramento, CA.
(Photo: Laura Holwein)

June 10: The Idiot, who is also a minister ordained through the Universal Life Church Monastery, renews the vows of his son Luke and daughter-in-law Samantha Dunnachie when they arrive at a family celebratory Pregnancy Party in Redding, CA.

June 15: Hiking with Leslie Williams Schwerdt, a California childhood friend he’s known since first grade, on the Sacramento River.

June 25: Posed to enter the Montauk Point Lighthouse at the eastern tip of New York’s Long Island with friends from Australia.

June 30: The Idiot ran into Boston Mayor Marti Walsh while walking the city’s Freedom Trail near city hall.
(Photo: Liz Chapin)

July 4: The Idiot and Lois McClure, his 91-year-old date, were all smiles after dinner at Pauline’s in Burlington, Vermont.

August 2: The Idiot recalls that he had his first chai in the tranquil garden at the Finnish Country Spa and Hot Tubs in Arcata, CA, in 1983.
(Photo: Liz Chapin)

August 15: The Idiot and MedTrekking partner Liz Chapin on the walk to the Tall Trees Grove.
(Photo: Marilyn Moore)

August 31: Michael Moore and The Idiot are caught chatting following a performance of his one-man show “The Terms Of My Surrender” on Broadway in New York.
Moore, who believes there’s a real chance that “Trump could be a two-term president,” discussed his history of political activism from high school and beyond during the show, which ended with him doing a dance.
The two had not spoken since the Cannes Film Festival over two decades ago, Moore’s next film is entitled “Fahrenheit 11/9.”


September 9: The Idiot and Mike Armstrong after Mike’s moving, meaningful and filled-to-capacity “Awake Wake Party” on the Pacific Ocean in Eureka, CA.
“It’s a real joy to tell people how much they mean to me and how much I love them before I die,” said Mike Armstrong. “And to hear their stories about what the think of me and the things we did together before I become a pile of ashes.”

September 23: Walking members of “The Idiot and The Odyssey” team before they embark on a two-mile walk in support of Alzheimer’s care, support and research. The team generated more than $12,000 in donations for the Alzheimer’s Association.
(Photo: Gregory Cheadle)

September 28: The Idiot lost his crown — and almost his head — when his first edict as The Idiot Emperor of Carthage was to tax the richest and give to the poorest.

October 13: Posing for paparazzi with Liz Chapin in Biarritz, France.

October 15: The Idiot left Tunisia and returned to Antibes, France, where he kicked off his walk around the Mediterranean Sea on January 1, 1998.
(Photo: Liz Chapin)

October 15: The Idiot, his partner Liz Chapin and his daughter Sonia visit former neighbors David and Sheila Duncan in the south of France.
(Photo: Sonia Stratte-McClure)

October 19: Meeting Elisa Brainos at her Galerie Eleni near the Picasso Museum in Antibes, France, to commission portraits and sculptures for the recently coronated Idiot Emperor of Carthage.

October 22: The Idiot’s mother, who turned 98 this week, was among family members at a party celebrating the end of the MedTrek in Carthage, Tunisia, earlier this month.
Thanks to The Idiot’s brother Kip for the beautifully framed photograph of The Idiot Emperor of Carthage.
The caption reads: “At the end of his 20-year walk around the Mediterranean Sea, The Idiot Emperor rules Carthage.”
(Photo: Kip Stratte-McClure)

November 13: Baby Gaga and her Idiot grandfather have their first staring contest.
(Photo: Liz Chapin)

November 23: The Idiot and his son, who finished the six-mile run over an hour before he did, wish each other Happy Thanksgiving before the start of the annual six-mile Turkey Trot in Redding, California.

November 26: Four generations on Thanksgiving weekend: The Idiot (upper left) is 69, his son Luke is 32, his mother Helen is 98, Baby Gaga (their granddaughter daughter and greatgrandaughter) is 50-days-old and Sam (their daughter-in-law, wife and granddaughter-in-law) doesn’t see the point of mentioning her age.
(Photo: Liz Chapin)

December 17: The Idiot has known his 98-year-old mother (right) since 1948 and met former school librarian Patricia Stubblefield, who turned 98 on December 16, in the early 1960s.
The nonagenarian duo play bridge and eat at the Riverview Country Club, where Patricia celebrated her 98th with family members and friends, in Redding, CA, at least once a week.
(Photo: Terri Stratte)

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