Where Can The Idiot Train For His Upcoming MedTrek In Egypt During Incessant Rain And Biblical Floods In Northern California?

The Idiot, who will resume the MedTrek in Egypt next month, took advantage of a few breaks in the unabating winter rain to take short hikes and keep tabs on the vast amount of water now found in previously drought-struck Northern California.

During one of the wettest winters in decades, he took a few walks around Shasta Dam which crosses the Sacramento River and creates Lake Shasta north of Redding, CA. The electricity-producing concrete arch-gravity dam, which plays a key role in the management of the state’s water resources, is 3,460-feet long, 602-feet high and opened in 1945.

When The Idiot once boasted to Clint Eastwood, who was a lumberjack in Northern California in the late 1930s, at the Cannes Film Festival that he grew up in Redding the actor replied: “Yeah, but you weren’t there before the dam was built like I was.”

The Idiot approaches Shasta Dam on the Sacramento River Trail to observe the large amount of water being released to reduce the level of Shasta Lake, which is almost filled to capacity.

A fence prevents The Idiot from getting too close to Shasta Dam and there’s visible security to thwart attack or damage.

An Idiot-ic selfie taken below Shasta Dam during a rare break in the rain on February 18.

The Idiot also took a look at the dam from the FB trail that descends south towards Redding on the east side of the Sacramento River and, on a wetter and windier day, from inside the Visitors Center (there are three tours of the dam daily).

Shasta Dam seen from the FB Trail which descends towards Redding, CA, on the east side of the Sacramento River.

Shasta Dam seen on a rainy day from inside the Visitors Center on February 17.

The Idiot inside the Visitors Center at Shasta Dam on a rainy Friday in February.
(Photo: Kevin Devine)

The Idiot is fixated on the amount of water released from Shasta Dam that contributes to the high levels of the Sacramento River and frequent flooding in Northern California.
(Photo: Marc Beauchamp)

Naturally the amount of water released at the dam has an impact downstream.

The granite-topped tables in Redding’s Caldwell Park are no shape for a picnic.

A viewing platform at Redding’s iconic Sundial Bridge is no longer accessible.

The Idiot was one of the few people walking on the flooded Sacramento River Trail.

The Idiot was able to casually stroll on riverside streets in Redding, CA, that were closed due to flooding.

There was so much rain in Redding this week that The Idiot and two friends put up an umbrella, wore a cowboy hat and used a napkin to keep their heads dry while having lunch inside Mary’s Pizza Shack.

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  1. Ryan Lochte

    That’s funny. I once boasted to Johnny Weissmuller, who came to one of my Olympic meets, that I had trained at Shasta. Yeah, he said, but I swam there before they built the dam.

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