Where Did The Idiot Take His Last Coastal Walk In The U.S. Before Hiking On The Mediterranean Sea In Tunisia Next Week?

The Idiot, who will be walking around the Mediterranean Sea in Tunisia next week, followed his shadow on the Pacific Ocean in Northern California on his last pre-MedTrek coastal hike in the United States.

After debating which direction to go on a foggy morning at low tide, The Idiot headed south of Trinidad, CA, with titillating thoughts of a dip in a hot tub in hippie-ish Arcata, CA.

The Idiot awoke on a foggy morning above the Pacific Ocean south of Trinidad, CA.

By the time The Idiot was ready to walk, the fog had cleared and it was low tide as he looked south.

The Idiot briefly considered following his shadow north to Trinidad, CA, with a walk on…

….Luffenholtz Beach towards orca-shaped Trinidad Head.

The Idiot, however, decided that he definitely wanted to end the day with a nice bowl of chai and a relaxing hot tub session at the Finnish Country Sauna & Tubs in Arcata. So he and his shadow headed south.

The Idiot and his shadow took a path down to the beach near Camel Rock and hung a left towards Arcata, CA.

The Idiot and his shadow look towards Trinidad Head from a beach at low tide in the early morning.

The Idiot dipped his bare feet in the Pacific Ocean’s brisk water as he began a day-long walk to Arcata, CA.

Low tide gave The Idiot an opportunity to explore caves and tide pools that are usually inaccessible.

The Idiot explored one of his favorite caves near Camel Rock at low tide on the Pacific Ocean south of Trinidad, CA.

A view of the ocean from inside one of The Idiot’s favorite caves near Camel Rock at low tide on the Pacific Ocean south of Trinidad, CA.

The only other people on the beach at that hour were surfers and an occasional dog walker.

The first person The Idiot spoke to was a wet-suited female surfer stretching before she hit the water and waves.

A student of environmental studies at Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA, is ready to enter the Pacific Ocean water and waves.

Surfers in the Pacific Ocean near Camel Rock north of Arcata, CA.

The Idiot’s shadow watched two surfers emerge from the Pacific Ocean and discuss the condition of the water and waves.

The Idiot loved investigating rocks at low tide on the Pacific Ocean between Trinidad and Arcata, CA.

The Idiot visited Mussel Beach north of Arcata, CA.

The Idiot put one foot in front of the other and continued down the Pacific Ocean beach towards Arcata, CA.

The walk from Trinidad to Arcata, CA, shifted into sandy beach mode about three miles south of Trinidad when The Idiot reached Clam Beach.

Looking back at Trinidad, CA, from Clam Beach in McKinleyville, CA.

The Idiot obeyed signs encouraging efforts to protect and preserve the Pacific Ocean coast.

The Idiot reached the Finnish Country Sauna and Tubs in Arcata, CA, and was ready for a chai, a newspaper and a hot tub.

Sunset on the Pacific Ocean between Arcata and Trinidad, CA.

Next Week: The Idiot’s last steps in California before he flies to Tunisia are with “The Idiot and the Odyssey” team which is represented in the Redding Walk To End Alzheimer’s on Saturday, September 23.
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