Where Did The Idiot Walk Just Before He Ended His Twenty-Year MedTrek In Carthage, Tunisia?

The Idiot had a free week before he was scheduled to stand in for Alexander the Great and be crowned the Emperor of Carthage. He used it to better get to know his Tunisian subjects and meet foreign visitors to his realm on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea between Hammamet and Monastir.

He was particularly interested in observing the fickle weather, studying the large number of visiting Russian tourists, encountering hard-working Tunisians and finding a solution to the overwhelming amount of garbage on many Tunisian beaches.

The Idiot left La Medina in Hammamet and began his MedTrek down Tunisia’s Mediterranean coast to Monastir.

Soon after he started on the path, the weather changed from sun to storm. The Idiot wasn’t sure if this was an auspicious and favorable omen or a forecast of impending disaster and doom.

The Idiot was the only visitor appreciating the intriguing mosaics at the ruins of the ancient city of Pupput in Hammamet, Tunisia, during a rainstorm.

The Idiot had the wet promenade in Hammamet’s Port Yasmine all to himself.

The Idiot needed two big spoonfuls of olive oil to reduce the intense burning caused by the innocent-looking green pepper on the couscous he ate in the rain at the Hammamet port.

The Idiot found it odd that the “bad” weather didn’t deter the overwhelming number of vacationing Russian visitors from “sunbathing” and taking photographs.

One good thing about a storm is that it empties many beaches and provides a wide path for a MedTrekker.

The Idiot attempted to emulate Russian tourists and smile for a selfie on a rainy day.

Some Tunisian beaches don’t look their best during and after a storm.

It rarely takes long for the sun to return on the Mediterranean and The Idiot cruised through Sousse to Monastir on sunny days that made Russians and Tunisians much more convivial.

A fisherman near Sousse offers The Idiot a calamari for dinner.

Nuts and fruit, rather than junk food and ice cream, are the best-selling products on Tunisian beaches.

Russian female tourists gleefully exercise in the sun.

A camel dresses up on a sunny day between Sousse and Monastir.

The emperor-to-be Idiot encourages one of his future subjects to pick up tin cans and recycle them. He gets absolutely no response.

The Idiot awards a future subject with a knighthood for picking up garbage.

The Idiot arrives at the beach in central Monastir and prepares to return to Carthage for his coronation as The Idiot Emperor.

Next Week: The Idiot ends his 20-year walk around the Mediterranean Sea and stands in for Alexander the Great as the Emperor of Carthage.

At the end of his 20-year walk around the Mediterranean Sea, The Idiot Emperor rules Carthage.

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