Where Does The Idiot Go To Escape The Killer Heat Wave In Northern California?

What does The Idiot do when faced with summer temperatures that are constantly well above 100 °F in Redding, California?

Where does he head to get out of the kitchen when he can no longer stand the fire?

The Idiot drives along the Trinity River across the Trinity Alps and dives into the much cooler climes (think 60-70 °F during the day) on the Pacific Ocean near a little town called Trinidad in Humboldt County.

Driving along the Trinity River from Redding, CA, to Trinidad, CA, to escape the heat wave.

During a two-week coastal respite, The Idiot hikes on and above Pacific Ocean beaches to train for the resumption of his walk around the Mediterranean Sea in Tunisia next month. That will be his final MedTrek outing and the conclusion of his 20-year MedTrek project.

The Idiot admires the view of the Pacific Ocean from his digs south of Trinidad, CA, as he prepares to take off on his morning saunter.
(Photo: Liz Chapin)

The Idiot has to decide whether to head two miles north to the town of Trinidad or….

…go south past the surfing beaches towards…

….Clam Beach and, ten miles down the coast, the city of Arcata, home to Humboldt State University and the hippiest town in the USA.

The Idiot heads south and checks out a number of important spots during the first hour of his jaunt.

The Idiot always visits the promontory at Luffenholtz Beach where he and his siblings spread their grandparents’ ashes over two decades ago.

The Idiot visits the venue on Moonstone Beach where he plans to discuss his walk around the Mediterranean Sea and his books, including The Idiot and the Odyssey III: Walking The Mediterranean With Alexander The Great which will be published next year.

The Idiot uses a sand castle to illustrate Alexander the Great’s hard-fought battles in Tyre and Gaza over 2,350 years ago.

When The Idiot returns to his Trinidad base camp, he takes a reflective shot of the sea, admires the sunset and enjoys a bonfire finale to his 69th birthday party.

The Idiot takes a reflective window shot of the Pacific Ocean.

The Idiot enjoys another Pacific Ocean sunset.
(Photo: Marc Beauchamp)

The Idiot has a piece of birthday cake during his knightly bonfire above the Pacific Ocean.
(Photo: Marc Beauchamp)

Next week: The Idiot continues to avoid the heat and walks in the redwoods and elsewhere to prepare for his upcoming MedTrek in Tunisia.

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