Where Does The Idiot Walk Most Frequently When He Hangs Out On The Pacific Ocean?

The Idiot, who is in training for a resumption of the MedTrek in Tunisia next month, doesn’t always take long hikes on sandy Pacific Ocean beaches and shady trails in Humboldt County redwood forests.

His most frequent walk is a four-mile round-trip stroll from his squat south of Trinidad, CA, into town and back. That’s an easy ramble on the oceanside road but becomes a bit more difficult when The Idiot slogs on ocean-level rocks, cliffs and hillsides. Things are further complicated when he runs into a nudist beach, has a daily concoction at the local casino and meets two gigantic jellyfish.

A morning view of Trinidad Head from The Idiot’s bedroom above Luffentholtz Beach.

A view of Trinidad from The Idiot’s yard on a slightly foggy morning in August 2017.

There’s not always a clear view of the Pacific Ocean from the road.

One thing The Idiot has been doing for years is making quick visits to the Cher-Ae Heights Casino almost exactly midway between his home and Trinidad. He regularly makes a drink consisting of equal parts hot chocolate and coffee and then puts $5 or $10 into the same video poker machine and leaves asap when he loses the dough or has a good hand.

Things went his way on two days in early August.

The Idiot, who put $10 in the video poker machine on August 3, was in and out of the casino in under twenty minutes with $55.00.

The Idiot, who put $5 in the video poker machine on August 5, was in and out of the casino in under ten minutes with $57.25

After surveying two gigantic jellyfish in Trinidad, The Idiot frequently makes the more arduous hike back to his basecamp along the oceanside.

The sculpture of two jellyfish in front of a home in Trinidad, CA, always amuses The Idiot.

The view from Trinidad of the coast that The Idiot will prowl to get back to his home.

Naturally it can take two or three times longer to walk two miles on a rocky beach than make the easy stroll on Scenic Drive. Rocks and cliffs are part of the problem.

The walk along the coast from Trinidad to Luffenholtz Beach is frequently very rocky.

A look back at Trinidad from the rocky oceanside.

Negotiating cliffs, and this one was much steeper than it looks, is the most time-consuming aspect of the oceanside hike.

The oceanside promenade includes a variety of beaches.

A strip of sand on the Pacific Ocean at the outset of the walk from Trinidad to Luffenholtz Beach.

A nudist beach between Trinidad and The Idiot’s basecamp.

A difficult-to-reach beach is a bit more accessible due to ropes placed along the hillside trail.

Naturally The Idiot chills out when he completes the short hike a bit wealthier, and in slightly better shape, than when he kicked it off.

The Idiot relaxes after the Trinidad round-trip hike by simmering vegetables and fruits (mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, olives) for a pasta dinner.

The Idiot enjoys his post-hike pasta dinner from his perch above the Pacific Ocean.

After dinner, The Idiot makes a fire to toast marshmallows and make s’mores for dessert — and to prepare for National S’mores Day on August 10.

A look at Trinidad from The Idiot’s bedroom at sunset.

Next week: The Idiot and a group of friends saunter around Trinidad Head and hike to the Tall Trees Grove in the Redwood National Park north of Orick, CA.

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