Why Is The Idiot Getting So Many Invitations To 70th Birthday Parties This Year?

Forget the feel-good nonsense about 70 being the new 50 (or 60).

A study this week indicates that 70 is the perfect age. That’s perhaps why The Idiot’s classmates, from kindergarten through graduate school, are throwing so many birthday parties this year.

They’re all turning 70, the perfect age.

The study said “seventy-year-olds are among the most satisfied, perhaps because they are also among the group seen as ‘time affluent.'” “Seventy is good when it comes to psychological well-being and life satisfaction,” agreed a professor of psychology at the University of Southern California.

Bet you’re wondering what 70, the perfect age, looks like in 2018 (Full Disclosure: The Idiot turns 70 in 6.32 months).

Take a look:

Lesle Stratte Curfman, The Idiot’s older sister, will only be 70 until May. And then…well, there goes “the perfect age.”
(Photo: Terri Stratte)

Phil Stubblefield (left), who turned “the perfect age” of 70 last month, partied with The Idiot and their 98-year-old mothers in December.
The Idiot and Phil attended middle school (Sequoia), high school (Shasta) and college (Stanford) together.
(Photo: Terri Stratte)

Kevin Devine, who turned 70 in late December, and The Idiot are organizing a ’70 @ 70 birthday party for their Stanford Class of ’70 to celebrate “the perfect age.”

The Idiot and Eric Almquist, who turned 70 earlier this month, discuss “the perfect age” and the meaning of life (just like they did at Stanford in the 1960s) after Eric’s 70th birthday party in Boston.
(Photo: Nick Almquist)

A fabulous surprise 70th birthday party for John “Chops” Wilson, who The Idiot has known since the seventh grade at Sequoia School in Redding, CA, welcomed “Chops” to “the perfect age” last weekend.

70th birthday cakes, like this one heralding John “Chops” Wilson’s ascension to “the perfect age,” are a serious aspect of every 70th birthday party.

Leslie Williams Schwerdt (left), who The Idiot met in first grade, reaches “the perfect age” in early February while Beth Lacey Dearman has to wait until May.

The Idiot and Susie Letsinger Michiels were neighbors growing up on the Sacramento River in Redding, CA; attended schools together from the age of six through high school; and have always considered every year to be “the perfect age.”
(Photo: Tiger Michiels)

The Idiot’s high school buddy Marilyn Murphy Reit will reach “the perfect age” before the Ides of March.
(Photo: Leslie Williams Schwerdt)

The Idiot and high school classmate Bruce Middleton, who both have to wait many more months before they reach “the perfect age,” humbly complimented each other on their youthful appearance.
(Photo: Leslie Williams Schwerdt)

Everyone who went to school with John “Chops” Wilson is now “the perfect age,” or close to it.

Bet you wish you were a septuagenarian!

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