How Is The Idiot Preparing For The Resumption Of His MedTrek In Tunisia?

The Idiot, after walking across northern Egypt to the Libya border on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, has sensibly decided to skip the allure of a precarious stroll through too-dangerous Libya.

Instead he will resume his MedTrek in comparatively tranquil Tunisia on September 25.

To prepare for that MedTrek outing — the finale of his 20-year project (1998-2018) to walk around the Mediterranean Sea and write three books (two down, one to go) about his journey and quest — The Idiot hiked on the beaches, coasts and shores of the Atlantic Ocean south of Boston in late August.

After kicking things off with a harborside breakfast and a walk down aptly named Egypt Beach Road in Scituate, MA, The Idiot enjoyed a few days sauntering in the pleasant sunny-but-cool summer weather on the Atlantic Ocean.

A hearty breakfast with author Harry Stein in Scituate, MA, is a prerequisite to a summer MedTrek training session on the Atlantic Ocean south of Boston.

The Idiot was amused when he walked down Egypt Beach Road in Scituate, MA, to train for his upcoming MedTrek in Tunisia on the Mediterranean Sea.

The Idiot headed from Egypt Beach south through Scituate towards Marshfield, MA.

Heading south towards Scituate and Marshfield from Egypt Beach.

It’s unlikely that any other strollers and sunbathers on Egypt Beach in Scituate, MA, are training for a MedTrek in Tunisia.

The Idiot passed a landmark commemorating a shipwreck near the Scituate Lighthouse.

The Idiot didn’t bother to borrow a lifejacket for his stroll around Scituate Harbor.

Boats in Scituate Harbor on a tranquil August afternoon.

Scituate Harbor seen from marshes that begin south of town.

A sign above the Atlantic Ocean at Third Cliff in Scituate, MA, gives hikers a brief history lesson.

Taking a seat to enjoy the view of the ocean on the outskirts of Scituate, MA.

After strolling through urban Scituate, The Idiot walked on Pegotty Beach, out on a sand spit and through marshes towards Marshfield, MA.

The Idiot walked on the inviting sand at Pegotty Beach.

Two houses on Pegotty Beach at low tide.

The same house on Pegotty Beach a few hours later as the tide comes in.

A wooden bridge makes for an easy walk through the marshes to the Atlantic Ocean south of Scituate, MA.

A boat at low tide near Marshfield, MA.

A diving board at low tide on the way to Marshfield, MA.

A trail through the marshes on the Atlantic Ocean south of Scituate, MA, at low tide.

After a few days on the coast, The Idiot decided to takes urban hikes in Boston and Manhattan that will include visits to libraries, museums and monuments to gather additional information on Alexander the Great for his third book in The Idiot and the Odyssey trilogy.

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