Idiot-ic Reader Reactions

What’s the reader reaction to The Idiot and the Odyssey II: Myth, Madness, and Magic on the Mediterranean? What thoughts do Idiot-ic fans and detractors have about The Idiot and his ongoing walk around the Mediterranean Sea? What type of videos does The Idiot shoot while MedTrekking?

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5 Responses to Idiot-ic Reader Reactions

  1. ömer önder ARI

    My appreciation to your project of history and culture related the Mediterranean Sea Basin via Mythology and your gentle manner of multıcultural search for enchanting style
    human relations in our global environment which I have heard on /A Cup of Conversation
    Program in BRT2 TV/today at/3.30P.M.Istanbul
    Please permit me to adopt your books on line for my students in Hıstory of World Civilization next September course in Esenyurt University in Istanbul/Turkey. Cordially yours.

    • Joel

      Thank you very much for your kinds words and I’m delighted that you’ll be using my books for your classes this autumn.

  2. Eve Siegel

    Dear Joel, you’ll be the only person walking into Syria without armed protection. Do you have a mace can with the “Follow the Idiot” logo on it? If so, take it, please!

    And walk in peace, Eve

  3. Geoff & Marie-Annick Robb

    Joel, it’s safer to walk around my pool – even at the deep end – rather than risk Syria at this time.

    Good Luck & stay safe anyway

    Cheerz, Geoff & Nannique.

    • Joel

      Definitely can’t argue with that. A step at a time in both situations.

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