Idiotic Partners

Sites that are highly recommended by The Idiot: takes you on a variety of romantic guided walks on the French Riviera. connects independent and mindful travellers with local people. is a web platform to encourage local travel,  getting in touch with the local people and seeing a place through the eyes of the locals. is a Geneva-based webzine linking international communities in the region and on a global level. features the amazing and intimate photography of Kevin McCollister and “East of West LA.” includes comprehensive travel tips, news and information on provincial France. keeps up with a mother, father and their young daughter as they continue a journey around the world that began in 2006. illustrates what happens to a globe-trotting twentysomething “aspiring adventure writer” who still drinks vodka. for those who travel light but with style; a thinking traveler’s guide  to Hellas. is for anyone who wants to cycle from Hong Kong to Tibet and then open a bar called Spinn. is a full-service travel agency run by experienced MedTrekker Carlo Roberts who contends “If you can dream it, I can book it.” is for anyone who prefers an adventure tour group to solo MedTrekking/travel.