What Did The Idiot Do When Almost Everyone In Egypt Asked Him To Pose For A Selfie?

Every Egyptian — from an army major, a policeman, a laborer and a student to a barber, a Bedouin, a Berber and a businessmen — seemed ardently enthused about taking selfies with The Idiot during two recent visits to the North African country.

That passion for photos encouraged The Idiot to share his Egyptian selfies with The Oracle of Amun when they met in the Siwa Oasis in the Western Desert following a two-month exploration of the Nile and smooth walk (if you don’t count sandstorms, constant confrontations with the military and security guards, or the conspicuous inconvenience of having an armed police escort) on the Mediterranean Sea from the Suez Canal to Libya.

Here’s what The Idiot showed The Oracle while they discussed Alexander the Great and the past and future of  a 20-year odyssey around the Mediterranean Sea:

An army major who questioned The Idiot while he MedTrekked through El Daba, Egypt, was so impressed with his walk around the Mediterranean Sea that he asked if he could take a selfie. The Idiot gladly obliged.


The Idiot took a selfie while being interviewed about the U.S. political scene at Abu Simbel, the legendary 1200 B.C. temple on Lake Nasser in southern Egypt near the border with Sudan.


A workman at the walled-off Russian nuclear plant being constructed in El Daba, Egypt, took no less than two dozen selfies with The Idiot.


One of The Idiot’s most enjoyable selfie moments during the MedTrek occurred during his weekly shave, trim and head massage. This shave is being performed by Mohammad in Ras El-Bar, Egypt. Cost: $2.00 including tip.


The Idiot celebrated the 12,000-kilometer mark on his ongoing walk around the Mediterranean Sea by taking a selfie with Alexander the Great, who founded Alexandria in 332 BC, in the courtyard of the Alexandria Library.


This camel on the Mediterranean Sea was so insistent that The Idiot snap a selfie that he (The Idiot, not the camel) didn’t even have time to do something with his hair.


The Idiot used a selfie stick to capture his look when he lectured about the Rosetta Stone in Rashid, Egypt.


Two Idiots walking around the Mediterranean Sea pose for one selfie near the Egyptian town of Gamasa.


A selfie of The Idiot chilling in his $13 room (breakfast included) at a popular guest house in Siwa, Egypt.


The Idiot took a selfie with Cleopatra at a beach named after her west of Marsa Matrouh, Egypt.


Selfie with a typically young Egyptian soldier on the Ras el-Hikma peninsula.


The Idiot stood tall while taking a selfie of his shadow  on the Mediterranean Sea.


The Idiot plays with various poses while taking selfies of his shadow on the Mediterranean Sea.


The Idiot takes a selfie of his shadow and a heart made out of stone(s) on a mountaintop in Siwa, Egypt.

Next week: The Idiot takes a road trip to southern California and Hollywood where his actor son is playing the lead role in a production of Shakespeare’s Pericles. More predictions and prognostications from The Oracle in Siwa will be revealed in June.

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