Where Did The Idiot Go To Avoid Fallout From The Total Solar Eclipse?

The Idiot was recently instructed by a soothsayer in Siwa, Egypt, to flee to Burlington, Vermont, to avoid adverse exposure to the total solar eclipse on August 21.

That didn’t bother him because he considers vibrant and zippy Burlington, located between Lake Champlain and the hillside University of Vermont, to be the most inviting and interesting downtown in the United States.

Here’s why:

The Idiot’s fifth floor squat in Burlington, Vermont, looks onto calming Lake Champlain.

Church Street, Burlington’s careless main drag, is as tranquil as Lake Champlain during an early morning stroll.

The Unitarian Church at the top of Burlington’s careless Main Street was built in 1816.

It’s easy to play leapfrog on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont.

Church Street at 10 a.m. on Sunday morning when people start thinking about lining up outside Ben & Jerry ice cream parlor.

Naturally the town is filled with interesting stores, inviting restaurants, imaginative tea shops, intriguing head shops and inspiring historical memories.

Breakfast at Henry’s Diner.

The Idiot can’t resist going into a store called Common Deer.

The Idiot found out what people are taco-ing ’bout in Burlington, Vermont, at El Cortijo.

A typical summer patron at Dobra Tea.

Lunch at Leunig’s Bistro on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont.

Loving a town where “The Hot Dog Lady” is a local hero.

Visiting the current and much-modernized lakeside offices of “The Burlington Free Press,” where The Idiot worked in 1969 and, among other things, covered Woodstock for the daily newspaper.

Then, when tired of bustling downtown, The Idiot ends the day with a relaxing walk on Lake Champlain.

Lake Champlain seen from The Idiot’s fifth-floor squat in mid-afternoon.

A walking path along Lake Champlain in downtown Burlington, Vermont.

The Idiot picked up rare bits of litter during his walk on Lake Champlain to help keep Burlington clean.

Sunset on Lake Champlain seen from The Idiot’s fifth-floor squat in downtown Burlington, Vermont.

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