Where Does The Idiot Amble, Eat And Enjoy Summer In Vermont?

The Idiot switched from laid-back Massachusetts summer mode to very laid-back Vermont summer mode the minute he passed the New Hampshire border and entered The Green Mountain State.

First he leisurely visited his favorite barbecue pit at an old-school deli near Hartford, VT, after a brief stop at a fruit stand in Lebanon, NH.

The Idiot can’t resist the BBQ sold at an old-school deli on Route 4 near Hartford, VT.

Then he feasted on a pulled pork, salad and fruit picnic after crossing the Ottauquechee River and arriving at the Quechee State Park.

The Ottauquechee River.


The picnic grounds at the Quechee State Park.


After a slow food picnic, The Idiot is ready to “Walk It Off.”


The Idiot strolled upstream on the Ottauquechee River to the Quechee Gorge which is, at feet, the deepest gorge in Vermont. After aa early afternoon stroll, he drove north to Burlington, one of his favorite cities in the USA where he worked on the local paper and covered Woodstock in 1969.

Following the early afternoon river stroll, The Idiot teletransported himself north to Burlington, one of his favorite cities in the USA where he worked on the local paper and covered the Woodstock Festival in August 1969.

A colorful house in Burlington.


Hiking in the hills above Lake Champlain near Burlington, Vermont.


Walking on one of many trails in the Vermont woods that’s so smooth that even…


…a 91-year-old woman with a walker can do it.

The next day, after an appropriate meal at Pauline’s Cafe in South Burlington, The Idiot relaxed, walked and enjoyed the Vermont summer colors during a country stroll in Shelburne.

The Idiot and Lois McClure, his 91-year-old date, were all smiles after dining at Pauline’s.


The Idiot’s first stop was the 45-acre Shelburne Museum’s art and Americana exhibits which he was visiting for the 27th time since 1961.


A colorfully retired bicycle/planter in Shelburne.


A Shelburne toy shop.


A giant dog sculpture.


A summer garden in the hills near Shelburne.


Appropriate yard chairs for Independence Day.

Naturally The Idiot stopped at the barbecue near the Ottauquechee River on his return to Boston but this time had the brisket.

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