Where Does The Idiot Walk To Stay Cool During A NorCal Heat Wave?

Where does The Idiot walk to stay somewhat cool during the ongoing heat wave in Northern California?

On the water — the rivers, the lakes and the Pacific Ocean — found near his basecamp in Redding, CA.

This week The Idiot kept his cool in triple-digit heat by strolling on the Sacramento River and occasionally dipping into water with a refreshing temperature of slightly over 50°F.

The Sacramento River seen from a bridge in downtown Redding, CA.

The Idiot takes a selfie on a bridge over the Sacramento River in downtown Redding, CA.

A tranquil section of the Sacramento River in downtown Redding, CA.

The historic Diestelhorst Bridge built in 1915 in Redding, CA.

The Idiot takes a selfie on the Ribbon Bridge on the Sacramento River Trail in Redding, CA.

The Idiot enjoys a sparkling sunrise on the Sundial Bridge over the Sacramento River in Redding, CA.

Naturally The Idiot finds novel ways to get over the Sacramento River.

A nifty walkway across the Sacramento River at the seasonal ACID (Anderson-Cottonwood Irrigation District) Diversion Dam in Redding, CA.

The easiest way to get high while crossing the Sacramento River in Redding, CA, is on the train trestle built in 1939.

A ladder is not the easiest way to reach the main span of the Redding train trestle.

Naturally The Idiot often gets side-tracked while walking on the river.

The Idiot investigated, and tried not to wake up, some homeless campers on the Sacramento River Trail.

The Idiot and a friend meditatively ambled through the Peace Labyrinth on the Sacrament River Trail in Redding, CA.

The Idiot took a nap on his favorite bench above the Sacramento River.

The Idiot picnic’d near the riverside gazebo that negatively called attention to Redding when it was part of the script on Showtime’s “Ray Donovan.”
FBI Agent: “Let’s talk about witness protection. I got a line on a place in Redding and a job at Safeway there.”
Jon Voight character: “Fucking Redding?”
FBI Agent: “They revitalized the downtown. They’ve put in a gazebo.”
Voight character: “Oh, Fffff…k.”

Next week: The Idiot keeps cool on Shasta Lake and Whiskeytown Lake near Redding, CA.

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