Who Does The Idiot Take On A Stroll To Some Of The World’s Tallest Trees?

The Idiot, who will conclude his 20-year walk around the Mediterranean Sea with an outing in Tunisia next month, frequently takes visiting friends on two hikes when they visit him during the summer on the Pacific Ocean coast in Northern California’s Humboldt County.

One walk is a loop trail around orca-shaped Trinidad Head and the other is a longer hike to the Tall Trees Grove in the Redwood National Park north of Orick, CA. That’s where The Idiot’s favorite MedTrek training hike, a 16.4-mile round-trip walk along the Redwood Creek trail, is found.

The Trinidad Head stroll starts with a two-mile amble along the Pacific Ocean from The Idiot’s squat into the fishing village of Trinidad and past the iconic Memorial Lighthouse and harbor to the main beach.

The stroll to Trinidad Head passes the Memorial Lighthouse and….

…the town’s pier to….

…a path that leads around Trinidad Head above the main beach.

The easy social walk around Trinidad Head follows a manicured trail up, over and around the 358-foot-high promontory.

The Idiot, Liz Chapin and Marilyn Moore on the beach before the one-hour walk up and around Trinidad Head.
(Photo: Craig Sandefur)

The manicured path that wanders up and around Trinidad Head.

Admiring the view from the top of Trinidad Head.
(Photo: Liz Chapin)

Photo op on Trinidad Head featuring hikers Craig Sandefur, Marilyn Moore, The Idiot and Liz Chapin.

The Idiot at the top of Trinidad Head.
(Photo: Craig Sandefur)

The walk to the Tall Trees Grove is another nice social outing. Rather than hike 16 miles, The Idiot took his guests on a shorter five-mile round-trip visit to some of the world’s tallest trees.

The walk to Tall Trees Grove in the Redwood National Park in Humboldt County.

The Idiot and MedTrekking partner Liz Chapin on the walk to the Tall Trees Grove.
(Photo: Marilyn Moore)

Photo op on the hike to the Tall Trees Grove in the Redwood National Park north of Orick, CA.

Admiring one of the tall trees in the Tall Trees Grove north of Orick, CA, in Humboldt County.
(Photo: Liz Chapin)

Next week: The Idiot takes social hikes in Vermont and Massachusetts.

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