Why Does The Idiot Enjoy An Urban Walk In New York City?

The Idiot, who’s prepping for his next MedTrek outing in Tunisia later this month, thrives on the animals, art, buildings, construction, monuments, music, museums, novelties, parks, people, serendipity, sidewalks, statues, theater, vibrations and everything else provoked by an urban hike in New York City.

He typically kicks off his Manhattan meander with a leisurely walk through Central Park.

Strolling through Central Park is an ideal example of taking a slightly rustic hike amid a bustling urban setting.

The Idiot’s first selfie during his latest meander around Manhattan.

The 52-story Trump International Hotel and Tower overlooks Central Park at 59th Street and Columbus Circle.

But it’s the city’s sidewalks that amuse The Idiot with myriad novelties.

New York continually conveys a sense of HOPE, as embodied in this $3 million sculpture by Robert Indiana at the corner of 7th Avenue and 53rd Street.

Historic statues, like this one of William Tecumseh Sherman by Augustus Saint-Gaudens at the corner of 60th Street and 5th Avenue, are complimented by…

…bench art, like this one of three bronze monkeys on a bench, offering advice that few New Yorkers seem to take too seriously.

Manhattan sidewalk art is often under your feet, like the plaques on the Fashion Walk of Fame celebrating American designers between 35th to 41 Street on Seventh Avenue.

Even toilet signage is an art form in Manhattan.

There are, as we all know, instructive things to see and hear everywhere on Manhattan, from the subway and tunnels to an Apple Store and Broadway theater.

This well-tipped young piano player at a Columbus Circle subway station reminded The Idiot of Dollar Brand and Scott Joplin.

An advert in the subway led The Idiot down Fifth Avenue to the Museum of Sex at 27th Street.

Who knew?
Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue store has removed its iconic glass cube during a renovation and expansion of the store.

The Idiot snags a great seat at the Belasco Theater to catch Michael Moore’s one-man show called “The Terms Of My Surrender.”

Michael Moore and The Idiot are caught chatting following a performance of Moore’s one-man show “The Terms Of My Surrender” on Boardway in New York. The two had not spoken since the Cannes Film Festival over two decades ago.

Next week: The Idiot takes an urban hike in Boston, Massachusetts.

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